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Choosing the right person to be your personal trainer is a tough decision and really depends on many different factors. You need to be sure that your trainer is fully qualified, experienced and passionate about what they do. You need to know how they work with clients, and what their personality is like.  You also need to feel confident that they will listen to you and understand what you are saying to them. I can of course tell you exactly why you should work with me, but it's much better to let you read what my inspirational clients have to say. So, on the next two pages you can read some of the many testimonials that I am proud to have received. Once you have read them, if you feel that I might be the one to help you on your first steps to a happier and healthier way of life you know what to do - just pick up the phone and call 07767 094904. I look forward to hearing from you.

About 3 months ago I was sent an email about a weight loss seminar, it sounded interesting but I had given up on ‘weight loss’ programmes, having tried them all and found that none of them worked long term, however I thought it might interest a friend, so sent him the email and offered to go with him. My friend happened to be away on business the night of the seminar so I agreed to go and feedback. At this point I had no intention of embarking on another ‘quick fix’ weight loss programme.

After having 5 children and the baby’s 1st birthday fast approaching (so to me my excuse “I’ve just had a baby” was due to expire), I decided to start my journey to find and develop my ‘forever body’. After browsing through many websites, I stumbled upon the Altered Images website. This is where I feel that I first ‘met’ Age as his spirit is in the content on their website. I didn’t hesitate in calling him up and meeting him in person. He was welcoming and listened to me..

As a woman in her late 40’s I was beginning to feel that I’d lost a little bit of my sparkle. I am sure that people thought of me as good for making cakes excellent at buying shoes and well very mumsy! Personally I felt very lethargic had really bad sleeping patterns and had lost the urge to go out and have fun. Oh yes I was also fed up of trying clothes on and looking like a sack of potatoes!

Having seen a good friend of mine lose weight as well as tone her body, in what seemed like only weeks I was intrigued as to how she had accomplished this. I contacted Age and arranged for an initial consultation. This was the key for me as Age took the time to listen to what I wanted to achieve. Age’s knowledge of nutrition, the human body and how the two interact is quite astonishing. 

After many years of plodding around and dabbling with swimming, running, biking and triathlon, I decided that the main issues were not the ability or commitment to train, but could be nutrition and training smartly. Age had been promoting the Wattbikes and plenty of tough sessions throughout the year inspired me to enrol in his weight management and performance challenge. Age assessed my expectations and assured me we could work together and get the result I was looking for with him.

Spent hours deliberating how to explain to what extent this programme can change not only your shape but your attitude towards healthy eating…especially the ladies out there. Having struggled to accept that to burn fat you really MUST eat … and often…and the whole concept of which foods are even proteins etc (who would have thought baked beans were mostly carbs and NOT protein!!) the only regret I now have is that I didnʼt listen years ago!!

Well…where to begin! There are Personal Trainers…and then there is Age! He is absolutely UNIQUE! This is a vocation to him, and not merely work! Before working together to achieve a target, he has to know why you want to do this, so he can take on board the support in any areas you may need…all of us have low days, maybe give in at Christmas (we are only human after all!), have a trauma that may cause excessive eating… just things that life throws at us.

Hello, I have just finished week 5 today of a 6 week ‘kick start’ with Altered Images. I used to think that I knew how to train. How to lift weights and get the balance right between weight lifting and cardio. I would do well for a few weeks and then suddenly stop. I was the type of person who set short term goals, go flat out, get fed up and quit for for a few weeks. My weight was up and down like a yo yo for years.

Age and I met in October 2015 and I knew he was the one! I’ve been there, done it, got the T-Shirt from every diet going, lost weight, gained weight, and all the other horrible thoughts and self damnation in between, but with Age it IS different. He saw me not as another client, but as someone who mattered to him, who (if I worked hard) would begin to love myself as others love me, and didn’t judge me or make me feel embarrassed due to my size or mobility, but as someone who would make it work, whatever ailments I have (seriously dodgy left knee!).

Why did I choose Altered Images? Mainly from the recommendation of a friend and a little research. I must say, I was not too convinced that spending money on a training and fitness programme was going to be the right thing for me. In the past, I had always lost weight dieting. The problem with just dieting was that as soon as I stopped, I started to put the weight back on. To be honest, I have not regretted joining Age. He is so dedicated to his clients.

I want to express my thanks for the time and effort you have put in helping me transform into a healthier, fitter individual. I started 15 weeks ago, 5 days after stopping smoking. My aim was to prevent the usual weight gain that went along with stopping smoking, and I have succeeded in that but also got a lot more than I bargained for!

Iʼve always struggled with my weight, tried everything, nothing worked. I met Age, and all that has changed now. Iʼve lost nearly 2 stone in weight, eat more, have more energy, sleep better and I look so much better (so Iʼve been told!). There is of course a downside – I needed new clothes to show of my new physique!

Having lost 5 stone before my 50th all was well for the following 18 months, give or take a little. Then this spring due to illness I really took my eye off the ball and lost it completely, coupled with not being able to exercise I had gained (18lb) and am now working hard to get back down.

This programme is working for me. I havenʼt felt so well in years. My weight is coming down and my fitness is going up. I have reached goals and passed them, setting new targets that I never dreamed of.

I would like to thank you for the support and guidance you provided to me during my journey to become fit and healthy. I have never really enjoyed exercise and in terms of diets, I have probably tried them all. With your guidance, support and knowledge, I have been able to make the connection between exercise and diet and have in essence changed my lifestyle approach..

Over the years I have constantly battled with my weight spending most of my time either dieting or worrying about everything I ate and feeling GUILTY!! With the big 40 approaching I knew that I could take one of two roads. Carry on the same road putting on a few pounds here and there feeling bits of my body seizing up as I become less and less active. Or I could change my route and live a healthy lifestyle combining a nutritious diet with a new active me.