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After many years of plodding around and dabbling with swimming, running, biking and triathlon, I decided that the main issues were not the ability or commitment to train, but could be nutrition and training smartly. Age had been promoting the Wattbikes and plenty of tough sessions throughout the year inspired me to enrol in his weight management and performance challenge. Age assessed my expectations and assured me we could work together and get the result I was looking for with him.

The training week was arranged around my work and family life. Training sessions whether on the bike or in the gym were not long, but intense and straight to the point. Advice on nutrition was invaluable which complimented the hard training sessions (often done together).

As the week went by the kg’s started to drop without much major effort, just organisation of training and meals. Training was hard but not impossible. Usually after a weigh in I would be happy to see 1 – 1.5kg less on the read out than the week before. The odd week didn’t see as much but within a 10 week period I was 10kg lighter and raring to go.

I can only praise Age’s enthusiasm and knowledge which produced major results for me.

Mike Parry