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Well…where to begin! There are Personal Trainers…and then there is Age! He is absolutely UNIQUE! This is a vocation to him, and not merely work! Before working together to achieve a target, he has to know why you want to do this, so he can take on board the support in any areas you may need…all of us have low days, maybe give in at Christmas (we are only human after all!), have a trauma that may cause excessive eating… just things that life throws at us.

Age is able to tailor your programme in such a way, that no matter what stage you are at…you feel good and positive! He has wealth of knowledge that enables him to offer 1st class nutritional advice, every single weight you lift, rep you do, is logged…this is personal training at its best! His attention to detail is remarkable, and he actually CARES how you progress.

I have never believed that weight training burned fat…or that to burn fat you have to eat more…, but after 30 years………I do and I am NEVER hungry! I lost 4st easily, slowly and healthily…On a Saturday, I eat anything I want, so you do not have to miss out on your night out, or become unsociable. It is a case of understanding, we are what we absorb! I had always believed we are what we eat… I could not have been more misinformed..

So, for whatever reason you may take up the Programme with Age, I would personally recommend him. He cannot control what you put in your mouth when you are not with him, we do have to take SOME responsibility.

Sessions are carefully planned, they are tailored for your individual needs, and there is so much more to what he provides behind the scene in preparation for your programme than we realise……….. We may have an hour of his time, but at least an hour also each time is given to admin. I have always thought of this as a luxury….personal training for the more affluent, but in reality it is not. It is affordable and worth much more…Can you put a price on your health?

I have been going to Age for 7 months now, and shall continue to do so…The weight went as I was assured it would…but then the weight was not an issue, toning and increasing fitness levels in a happy, positive, inspiring atmosphere has become a way of life, and I have benefited a lifetime over in this short period. Food is no longer an issue, diet is a word that makes no sense (that’s rich coming from someone who has tried every diet under the sun!).

Debbie Renton