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Hello, I have just finished week 5 today of a 6 week ‘kick start’ with Altered Images. I used to think that I knew how to train. How to lift weights and get the balance right between weight lifting and cardio. I would do well for a few weeks and then suddenly stop. I was the type of person who set short term goals, go flat out, get fed up and quit for for a few weeks. My weight was up and down like a yo yo for years.

Not only has Age taught me how to train properly but he has educated me in realising that exercising and dieting is a lifestyle, not a constant battle and a one off achievement! And ‘dieting’ is the wrong word, it is a ‘lifestyle’. Age has given me an educated insight into nutrition, the do’s and dont’s and he has taught me what effect that different types of foods have on your body.

I will never use a cross trainer, or a treadmill in a gym ever again!!!! Why would I when I have learnt that metabolic workouts give you 100 times more of a workout that the gym cardio machines ever will! For the first time in my life I have finished just a 20 minute or 30 minute workout and actually felt my eyes closing and wanting to go to sleep sat on the bench just after finishing.

Age’s professionalism and knowledge is second to none. Not only has he taught me how to lift weights properly in the gym and pushed me to the limits in the gym, but he is also there whenever you need him outside of “working hours”. And as well as answering you anytime of the day he will make sure a session is never missed. When I text him at 07:00hrs in the morning with a suspected sprained ankle I was expecting a reply of “okay, get some rest and I will see you once recovered”. Instead, I got a phone call just minutes later to say “I have changed your workout already to avoid your foot and I will see you later as planned”.

I have had nothing but “ups” whilst being trained by Age. Even when I just wanted to be sick in the gym he kept pushing me beyond my limits. The feeling after a session like this, a shower then some food puts you on top of the world! I would not have gone anywhere near the limits I have if it wasn’t for the encouragement from Age.

I would recommend anyone to train with Age at Altered Images. And even though he has pushed me to my limits I would now consider him as a friend also, he’s just genuinely a nice guy.

In 5 weeks I have lost 8.5kgs and my life has changed for the better. I can finally look forward to where I will be in a year’s time instead of just dreaming. I am only 59 but “life certainly gets better with ‘Age’……”

Mike, 59