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I want to express my thanks for the time and effort you have put in helping me transform into a healthier, fitter individual. I started 15 weeks ago, 5 days after stopping smoking. My aim was to prevent the usual weight gain that went along with stopping smoking, and I have succeeded in that but also got a lot more than I bargained for!

You have been so welcoming, motivational, supportive and encouraging in my efforts to ditch the fags and I can proudly say I have not smoked for 16 weeks, the most success I have ever had. I am confident that I have kicked the habit for good. I owe a large part of that to you.

Since stopping smoking and starting training rather than gain weight I have lost 6lbs and in 15 short weeks reached a level of fitness I could never have expected. I see improvement in my fitness and performance every week. And for the first time in my life I enjoy exercising, I believe that is largely down to you and the great atmosphere you have created.

So my sincere thanks for all your support in my transformation and I am most definitely a devotee.

Zoe Edwards