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Having seen a good friend of mine lose weight as well as tone her body, in what seemed like only weeks I was intrigued as to how she had accomplished this. I contacted Age and arranged for an initial consultation. This was the key for me as Age took the time to listen to what I wanted to achieve. Age’s knowledge of nutrition, the human body and how the two interact is quite astonishing.

I had been visiting a gym 2/3 times a week before this programme and had been managing to gain weight!! My plan for this was to train longer and harder!! and cut down on my food!! I was already cutting out breakfast missing lunch occasionally! And so on. After the consultation Age informed me of my exact weight and body fat percentage (which was off the scale) and where the ideal would be for my age and height etc. Between us we came up with a sensible goal.

As a person who enjoys the gym I looked forward to the one to one gym sessions with Age. The sessions were well planned in content and never unrealistic, so Age’s drive was never to over stretch me and always to ensure I remained un-injured and fit for the next session. He was in total control of sessions and motivated me well throughout every workout.

He disciplined me into keeping a food diary which I hated! But Age educated me into eating the right food at the right time, with the correct portion size. I needed more support in this area and Age gave it to me in heaps! Every time I challenged him around food and drink, he would spend time explaining the detail and implications around my “Greedy thoughts”! This was key to making this programme a lifestyle change rather than another weight loss fad for me. I now train less than I did previously and eat more food!

If you are serious about changing your life for a far healthier one than you have currently, then Altered Images is the place for you and it’s fantastic value for money. You will not even let yourself down on this programme because Age just won’t let you!!

Shane Powell