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About 3 months ago I was sent an email about a weight loss seminar, it sounded interesting but I had given up on ‘weight loss’ programmes, having tried them all and found that none of them worked long term, however I thought it might interest a friend, so sent him the email and offered to go with him. My friend happened to be away on business the night of the seminar so I agreed to go and feedback. At this point I had no intention of embarking on another ‘quick fix’ weight loss programme.

I found Age Mackenzie pleasant and engaging and thought he talked a lot of sense, he was clear that his programme was not a ‘quick fix’. However, through hard work, eating sensibly and making some changes convinced me that losing weight and getting fitter was not only achievable but also sustainable. I booked a one to one with Age and following that signed up for a six week course.

I have just completed my second 6 week stint, am 10kgs lighter and can now walk up a steep hill without stopping or needing oxygen! I have been committed and determined, have forced myself to keep my appointments even when I didn’t feel like it, but I couldn’t have done it without Age’s encouragement and positive attitude. He is perceptive and kind though tough when he needs to be, I have enjoyed his humour, warmth and positivity. Age is good at drip feeding information without overwhelming, be it about exercise, nutrition or life.

So, would I recommend Age Mackenzie? Hell yes! Three months ago I was unfit, overweight and feeling quite invisible, now I am lighter, fitter, more confident and looking forward to an active exciting future.

And that friend of mine who I thought might be interested, he is 15 kgs lighter and, like me, is also a big fan of Age Mackenzie!

Sue Gilbert