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Age and I met in October 2015 and I knew he was the one! I’ve been there, done it, got the T-Shirt from every diet going, lost weight, gained weight, and all the other horrible thoughts and self damnation in between, but with Age it IS different. He saw me not as another client, but as someone who mattered to him, who (if I worked hard) would begin to love myself as others love me, and didn’t judge me or make me feel embarrassed due to my size or mobility, but as someone who would make it work, whatever ailments I have (seriously dodgy left knee!).

Our journey together has been wonderful, it’s been tough at times, but any journey worth going on will always have bumps in the road, Age has kept me steady, kept the ship on course and kept me motivated to push just that little bit more each session, and we’ve even become a little competitive with each other along the way! (I will squat more weight than you one day my friend!) He’s reignited my love for energy and exercise, my passion for a healthy lifestyle and more importantly, made me fall in love with myself and with that a MASSIVE desire to make my body into how I feel on the inside!

I’m still on the journey with Age and so far I’ve lost over 4 stone, I have dropped 5 dress sizes, have muscles that I never knew existed and LOVE the body I’m creating. Oh and I LOVE weightlifting, nothing like lifting your own body weight and showing off your biceps in sleeveless tops…..

This is the Age effect…and I for one cannot imagine a life without him now….he is my trainer, my mentor, my friend.

Claire Nicholas