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Over the years I have constantly battled with my weight spending most of my time either dieting or worrying about everything I ate and feeling GUILTY!! With the big 40 approaching I knew that I could take one of two roads. Carry on the same road putting on a few pounds here and there feeling bits of my body seizing up as I become less and less active. Or I could change my route and live a healthy lifestyle combining a nutritious diet with a new active me.

The trouble is thinking it and doing it are completely different. That is when a friend recommended Age. Here I am 12 weeks later and I feel so great. What are the results I hear you ask? Well I have lost weight and inches but more than that I feel good about myself, positive about things, and in control of me. Any other benefits? Too many to mention but on a basic level I am now enjoying my food and not feeling guilty about what I am eating. I wear a smaller size and my body shape has changed.

Age has helped me on so many levels. He has given me back my enjoyment of exercising. He has taught me such a lot about nutrition and how I can control my body. I feel so much more in control of things and because of that I am happier. You cannot ask for more than that can you. Age’s enthusiasm and commitment are inspirational. He will never let you lose your focus and you will never want to let him down. Don’t wait any longer, call him now!

Kirsty Chadd