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After having 5 children and the baby’s 1st birthday fast approaching (so to me my excuse “I’ve just had a baby” was due to expire), I decided to start my journey to find and develop my ‘forever body’. After browsing through many websites, I stumbled upon the Altered Images website. This is where I feel that I first ‘met’ Age as his spirit is in the content on their website. I didn’t hesitate in calling him up and meeting him in person. He was welcoming and listened to me.

I am grateful that he was happy to assist me on my journey. The Altered Images programme is a fantastic and unique experience. It really makes you look at yourself from inside and out. I loved the challenges. I’m not saying it wasn’t hard at times but when I worked through exercises and got my mind in a focused place, I felt elevated; there was a shift within me.

I lost a lot of weight (from my body and my mind) after completing the Altered Images programme and decided to carry on having personal training sessions with Age. I love Age as a personal trainer, he is encouraging and motivating and I’m sure that anyone that knows him, knows that he is a walking personal training/human body/nutritional encyclopedia. I am so very happy that he loves to talk and share what he knows, this enabled me to:-

  • Be distracted from discomforts whilst exercising
  • Learn soooo much about how my body responds to certain foods and the foods and my body needs
  • The different types of exercise that provide maximum benefit for my body

One of my first thoughts when I decided I wanted a personal trainer was I wish I could find a personal trainer like the ones the celebrities use. To me Age is just that and much more. I would recommend Age to anyone.

Eleanor Day