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As a woman in her late 40’s I was beginning to feel that I’d lost a little bit of my sparkle. I am sure that people thought of me as good for making cakes excellent at buying shoes and well very mumsy! Personally I felt very lethargic had really bad sleeping patterns and had lost the urge to go out and have fun. Oh yes I was also fed up of trying clothes on and looking like a sack of potatoes!

The advice I got was to exercise more. I have to say that the very thought filled me with dread. After a lot of nagging from people that thought they knew best I gave it a go. I was pleasantly surprised my first impression of the gym was how pleasant everyone was and what a relief it wasn’t run by muscle-bound posers who made you feel worthless.

The best thing was meeting Age. I always thought personal trainers were for the rich so imagine my shock at what I consider to be the bargain price he charged! What money can’t buy is his amazing ability to allow your confidence to grow to give you the tools to make you feel much healthier and making exercise almost fun! After following his six week programme I felt fantastic. I have signed for a further six weeks and intend to continue to do so. The emphasis now is more on increasing my fitness levels which I find myself enjoying something I would have never thought possible nine weeks ago. So it is with great pleasure that I write this and say thank you for helping me to find my sparkle.

Jane Bolam