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Age is Mr Motivator. He is one of the most enthusiastic and committed people I have ever met. Age guarantees his results. Say no more!

Brian Hughes

An initial sceptic I have completely changed my views. During the first six week programme I quite simply ate myself thin and enjoyed the whole experience. I lost nearly a stone in weight and even put on some lean muscle. I felt so great and energised that I enrolled for a further six weeks. Although it was hard work the results were astonishing. I am now over three stone lighter and I am altogether a healthier and happier person. I cannot envisage ever going back to my old way of life and I know this has helped me towards my goal of being the best Dad in the world to my child due in a couple of weeks. I wish I had done a before and after photo.

Dan Maitland

Big, big thanks. I woke up this morning with that lovely dull aching body, and it reminded me of times when I used to be training regularly and how good that felt! Your sessions are great, and I know just after the few we have done, that this is definitely the way to go. Just little things like sharpening up on technique and making sure I’m doing it with good form, these are things that slip when you are on your own. In times gone by I used to suffer with feeling tired but I seem to be holding good energy at the moment with the new food system. I’m really looking forward to the up and coming sessions with you.

Ed Ball

Training with Age has been incredible. Hard but incredible. He is so friendly, professional and motivational that exercise becomes fun! He plans the sessions in detail and provides constant feedback about your progress. You always know where you are and how far you have got to go to reach your agreed goal. This makes the whole thing much more of a scientific event. I really urge you to give Age’s Personal Training a go!!

Charlie Richards

The Altered Images Programme is the best investment I have made. It has been a very supportive course and I now feel confident and good about myself. I have lost over 2 stone in weight improved my shape and altogether have become a more positive person. Being diabetic it has also been good to see my blood sugar stabilise at a healthy level. All it took was to follow the programme and invest some time in myself. The more you put into it the more you get out of it. Thank you once again.

Sheena Read

Like a well-known gardening varnish product, Age does exactly what it says on the tin. He alters image. He has changed not only my appearance, but also my lifestyle; the one-on-one is excellent and far preferable to non-productive time in a gym without the knowledge to get the results. I would recommend this approach without hesitation.

Mark Shutler

Exercise has never been a priority to me. “Dodgy Knees” and being overweight made it easier not to bother. Age’s encouragement and individual programme have made me fitter than Iʼve been for almost ten years. Iʼm actually enjoying exercise!!! And those “dodgy knees” are improving all the time.

Bethany Williams

Iʼve worked with Age for several months now and the results have been exceptional. I thought I was pretty fit, now I KNOW I am very fit! Age works with you to get fantastic results. He motivates you which I always find is the hardest part. His enthusiasm and knowledge are inspirational, and help you meet your goals. Highly recommended! I cannot imagine a better 1 on 1 experience, true personal training.

Roger Hart

I did so well and enjoyed the whole experience so much that I decided to train to be an instructor!

Katie Phillips

Q. Where do you go when all the diets have failed? A. Altered Images.

After seeing a friend’s results I joined Age at the end of November. After 10 years of getting nowhere, I am now losing weight (and keeping it off) and getting fit. The icing on the cake. Iʼm enjoying it.

Dawn Arbuthnott

I’m not going to make it in before I go away now so I just wanted to thank you very much. Your training has not only been inspirational but I have also curbed my wedding stress and am hopefully getting towards my beach bod! I can’t wait to get back into the gym on my return. Thank you again.

Christina Rudd

You will never regret embarking on this new regime. Ageʼs honest and knowledgeable help really inspires you to get the best from yourself. His enthusiasm and drive are infectious; he never gives up on you and always keeps you focussed on your goals.

Yvonne Sutton